How to setup Google 2-Step Verification

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in this video I'm going to show you how

to set up 2-step verification 2-step

verification is the best way to protect

your Google account from being hacked

2-step verification allows you to add a

second layer of protection when

accessing your Google account hence the

name 2-step currently all you need to

login your Google account is your email

address and your password your email

address is not a secret in fact everyone

and their mother knows your email

address so what you're left with this

simply a password once you turn on

two-step verification Google will ask

you to verify you really are who you are

by using a few different methods in

other words providing your email address

and a password is no longer just enough

to show you what I mean let's go ahead

and turn on two-step verification for

this Google Account that we're currently

logged into to begin you'll want to

click on this circle up here to the top

right next I'll click on the my account

button actually before we do that I'd

like to point something out very

important on a previous tutorial we had

shown you how to assign it to multiple

Google accounts here you can see the

other account prior to setting up 2-step

verification changing passwords or

anything else regarding your Google

account it's strongly advised that you

sign out of all your Google accounts

first then log back in to the account

that you want to make changes to being

signed in to more than one account can

be confusing and cause serious problems

so please make sure that you're only

logged into the one account that you're

trying to make changes to before

proceeding by clicking on this sign out

button Google will sign us out of all

our accounts now let's go ahead and

quickly log back in

next I'll click on the circle again and

from here you can see that we're logged

into only this one account next I'll

click on the my account button this

should open up a new tab or new browser

window next I'll click on sign in and

security then I'll scroll down to the

section titled account Recovery Options

and in particular this section titled

recovery phone before you can set up two

step verification you need to first

provide Google with a valid recovery

phone number after clicking on a

recovery phone Google will prompt you

for your password one more time to

verify it's really your account next

we'll click on the add recovery phone

link here next I'll enter a cell phone

number then click verify then I'll click

on the get code button within seconds

Google has sent a text message with a

random six digit code that we'll type in

here please note by the way that the

phone number that the text came from is

also made up of six digits so don't

confuse it - then we click on verify

that's it that's how easy it is to have

a recovery phone that we're set up with

Google now one of the things you'll

notice here is this check box that says

use this number to alert me of

suspicious account activity make sure to

leave that selected in the event there's

any problem with your Google account

Google will text you that alert at this

point we'll simply click continue and

we're done at this point our changes are

saved so we'll go ahead and click on

this back arrow to take us back to our

and security page and next we'll

scroll down to this section here titled

2-step verification and as you can see

it's currently turned off so let's go

ahead and click on that and turn it on

we'll click on the get started button

and just like before Google's going to

make sure it's really us by having a

sign in and one more time now since

we've already provided a recovery phone

number you should see your phone number

listed and down here we have two options

to get codes either tête via text

message or via phone call let's leave it

at text message then we look at our

phone and type in the security code that

Google just sent us and by the way if

you don't receive it you can also click

on this link here titled reset then I'll

click Next and lastly we'll turn on

two-step verification that's it that's

how easy it is to turn on 2-step

verification and by the way up here's a

blue button where we could shut it off

if we want to you one of the other

things I want to talk about while we're

on this screen

our backup codes and the Google

Authenticator application if I click on

setup for backup codes what's happening

here is that we're gonna be displayed a

bunch of codes and these are about 10

different codes that we could use in

lieu of a text message verification so

backup codes are extremely important

let's assume for a minute that you're on

vacation and you're staying in Hawaii

for a week on the last day of your

vacation your wallet your cell phone

your computer everything is stolen so

normally you would just go to any

computer type in your email address and

password but now that you have 2-step

verification turned on you need a way to

intercept the six digit verification

code that Google needs to send you so in

the event you don't ever have your phone

on you you can use these backup codes in

replacement of that text message of

verification code so a good idea is to

print out these codes leave half of them

with a good friend or neighbor somebody

you trust and make sure you put the

other half in your wallet or purse these

are one-time codes so understand that

once you use a code that's it you cannot

use it again in the event you need to

print out other codes or you need more

codes then simply click on the get new

codes link down below another very good

solution is to either use Google prompt

if you have an Android phone or the

Google Authenticator app the Google

Authenticator app has been around for a

long time and it works pretty well what

you do is you simply click on set

then you'll be prompted for what type of

phone you have whether it be an Android

or an iPhone then you click Next and

what you're presented with is this

barcode so at this point you install the

app you take the Google Authenticator

app you take a picture or scan in this

barcode and click Next at that point

Google knows that your phone is tied to

this account and then the event you ever

needed to log back into your email

account to your Google account no longer

do you need to type in a six digit

verification code that it's texted to

you but rather you can use this Google

Authenticator app I'm not going to

bother to set it up right now but you

can play with it at any time and disable

or enable it as you choose for right now

let's go ahead and close this window out

this tab out let's go back to our inbox

from here let's go ahead and sign out of

this account now let's make sure that

2-step verification is in fact working

we'll go ahead and sign back in

and you'll notice now that we have

2-step verification turned on we're

being prompted to type in a verification

code you'll notice down here also that

it says don't ask on this computer so if

this happens to be your own computer

make sure to leave that enabled so

you're not bothered with a verification

code each time you want to sign in if

you do however borrow someone else's

computer it's a really good idea to make

sure that this checkbox is deselected

before clicking done

that's it we're logged into her email

account we are as protected as anyone

can be so please turn on two-step

verification for your Google account

it's a wonderful feeling knowing that

you could go to sleep at night knowing

that no one could ever access your

Google account without having physical

possession of your phone and that brings

up one last point all of you on your

phone should have some sort of screen

lock or passcode in order to access your

phone so then you think you do lose your

phone no one can read any of your text

messages without them putting in a

fingerprint or putting in a passcode or

some sort of pass lock on your phone so

make sure you enable that on your cell

phone as well anyway thank you for

watching we hope you enjoyed this video