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alright guys splits here i'ma show you

guys how to enable 2 FA on 4 nights so

it doesn't matter if you're on Xbox or

ps4 or anything it will all work the

same so I'm obviously on ps4 so I can

see so if you enable it if you enable 2

FA you do get this free emote which I'll

show you

so it's this one right here so it's

called the boogie down so it is free

once you enable it and it's a pretty

cool emo so you can do all you can set

up to f8 just from your phone because I

feel like it's a lot easier that way so

yeah I want to try to get this video to

like 11 likes I think I think we could

do that so make sure you guys leave a

like get those 11 lights and let's get

right to it

alright so you just want to go to your

browser and then you just want to search

for 4 night epic games and then it's

gonna be the first one so I'm going to

click that alright so this is how the

site looks like if you guys want to also

put a link to this below so once you're

here you just want to go on the top

right where you see those three black

lines and then if you look on the bottom

where it says sign in press that and

then can't tell you do you already play

for now I just say yes and I play on

PlayStation so I'm gonna pick that one

and then once you do all that it's good

it's gonna tell you to sign in so I'm

gonna just sign in alright so I just

signed in so I'm gonna say not now to

this so I should bring you back to the

screen that we saw before so just go

back to the three black lines and then

you want to go to your account so I'll

just press on it and then press on

account so once you're here you'll see

all your account information so just

scroll a little bit down until you see

something that says right here account

information so yeah I can see there's

like a little two-factor authentication

link to it so just press on that

and then once you're here it'll show

this so just scroll a little bit down to

you see you here so this is what you

want you want this email authentication

so just hit that and then it says that

it's set a code to my email so I'm

actually just gonna go back to my email

and it should pop up here alright so

there it is so I'm gonna just go to this

email so my code is obviously gonna be

different from everybody else but this

is my code so I'm actually just gonna

copy this copy and then just put it in

to this code right here alright so paste

it and then you just wanted to continue

alright so it says that we officially

set up to you I face so we can just

press down with that so now I'll show

you me going on my ps4 it and show you

guys my new emo so yeah let's go to my

ps4 alright so I just restarted my game

this is Larry the first thing that

popped up so I can see it says thanks

for making your account more secure and

I got the booty down email for free so

I'm actually gonna claim this so now if

I go to my locker like look at this sad

Locker out for nothing this is why I

need this free emote and there it is

I'm gonna clip it and that's how you do

it that's how you enable 2fa it's really

easy so make sure you guys leave a like

and subscribe this helps you out

and yeah