How to Enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) on Xbox | Working 2021 | Fortnite

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let's get to it

so if you're like me and have spent

hours trying to log into your epic

account on your PC to enable TFA on your

xbox without any success well then today

you're in luck because I'm going to show

you how open up a web browser on your PC

and in the URL type in epic Gamescom now

on the top right click on sign in do not

sign in and think because you use the

same email address that this will grant

you access to your Xbox or Playstation

account because it won't your Xbox or

Playstation is nameless and does not

have an account link to it so here you

will select either playstation or xbox

for me it's an Xbox now you have sign in

to your xbox live account using your

email address and password

this will redirect you back to the epic

games account now from here if you look

at the top it says we found your Xbox

Live account create an epic games

account to link to save your information

and progression enter your first and

last name followed by a new display name

not your current Xbox name and then for

email you will add a separate email not

the one you use for Xbox Live because

epic has already found that one and last

a new password now let's access this new

account by clicking on the top right

drop-down on the top under general

account information shows you now have

to verify your email address so now you

have two different account names linked

together the new epic account and your

Xbox Live account to view this navigate

to connected accounts under Xbox it will

display your account connection and your

Xbox Live name

let's activate TFA and to do this you

need to navigate to password and

security under password and security

scroll down to the two form factor

authentication area and choose either

authentication app or email

authentication in this case I've

selected email authentication enable

email authentication pop-up will display

to enter your security code that's it

now you can receive the boogie-down

email send friends gifts and use epic