Gaming monitor LG 24gm79G with 144hz and 1ms motion blur reduction review

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I guess I'm not okay LG money tomorrow

24 GN 17 a 70 and 79 G and it's a brand

new mommy taught 2017 and it's really

really good 24 inch and I will love it

and I'm using it with ps4 and you have a

144 plus so it can be so smooth and the

quality of the picture is really really

deep click good contrast the softness

truly amazing I love it and with us and

always win before I'm using TV but it's

I'll likely be still slow and I will

still many like for this well about this

LG money time behavior this is lemony we

have a joystick here together okay show

you Gabriel from our Blackie koalas are

also adding it with the custom game

custom game right here Plex fabulous oh

we've spawned on freesync also and one

motion blur Nikon


yeah signatures

therefore I choices here your custom

game and RTS game FPS game IPS game

color weakness cinema photo whatever

custom but I like to make my own custom

game you know and it is really beautiful

amazing quality image I will like it

thanks for watching guys