Fix 144hz Monitor Only Showing 60hz

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which you guys got a quick video here

for you on how to resolve the issue

where you're 144 Hertz monitor is only

showing 60 Hertz so let me just quickly

show you here when we click on the menu

system of the monitor you'll see this

says msi 1920 by 1080 60 Hertz and i do

know that this monitor is a hundred and

forty-four Hertz monitor and this seems

to be an issue with some people's

monitors where they're not getting a 444

hertz and I don't know how to change it

and this question come up in the discord

server which I run so I thought I'd just

show you how to quickly resolve this

issue it's not that difficult and it's

not a problem

it's just basically a setting so what

you need to do here is you need to go to

the flag or the start button here go to

settings and once you're inside here you

want to go out to where it says system

click on the system here and then you

want to come down to where it says

advanced display settings click on this

one and you should see the advanced

display settings pane open up and you

can see I do have two monitors here now

yours may be an ASIS or MSI or ASA or

whatever monitor brand it is it will be

listed here and you will see them and

you can see here the refresh rate is

only 60 Hertz so I'm going to show you

how to quickly change this 244 Hertz so

what you want to do is click on the

display adapter properties for display 1

and you've only got one monitor you just

click on this one here so click on this

this will open up another box here and

inside here you will see we have a few

tabs available to us if you click on the

monitor tab here you can see the screen

refresh rate is 60 Hertz what you want

to do is do the drop down

click on 144 Hertz click apply

keep changes and click OK now we've

changed that on display 1 you may want

to change that on display too you can

see the display 2 is still 60 Hertz so

if you've got to free whatever monitors

you've got here you want to change each

display okay so just go into here go

into monitor and change it to the

required speed that you want so I'm

going to change this 244 Hertz

keep that okay and we should be pretty

much good to go now so when we close

this off and we go back into our menu

system we should now see a display of

1920 by 1080 144 Hertz and it doesn't

really matter whether your monitor is

120 Hertz or 144 Hertz or 240 Hertz if

it's only displaying 60 Hertz and you

want to change it that's how you can

basically change the Hertz of your

monitor up now obviously you won't be

able to change a 60 Hertz monitor 244

Hertz unless your monitor supports 144

Hertz so you will only be able to change

this if your monitor supports those

faster refresh rates okay and that's

pretty much it so I hope this one

resolves your issue my name is Brian

from beretta computers kögel UK thanks

again for watching guys and thanks for

your continued support

I will see you again for another video

real soon bye for now

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