How to Enable 120 Hz or 144 Hz On CS:GO

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what is up YouTube Nick from Tottori

tellers and today I'll be showing you

guys how to enable 120 or 144 Hertz and

see us go so the first step of this is

heading on over to steam and then going

to your game library once you're on your

Steam library you then want to find csgo

once you found it go ahead and

right-click it and go to properties once

you are on your properties you want to

make sure you're on the general tab and

at the very bottom left you should see

set launch options once you click that

your launch option should pop up you

then on a type - refresh space hundred

20 or 144 depending on how many Hertz

your monitor is monitor is 144 so I

typed it like this once you type this go

ahead and hit OK and it should apply you

can go ahead and close everything out

and then start up csgo and then you

should see a big difference that's

pretty much it thank you guys for

watching and I'll see you guys next