How to Change Screen Refresh Rate With NVIDIA Control Panel - Fix 144 Hz Showing Only 60 Hz Tutorial

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hi in this tutorial I'm going to show

you how to change in the refresh rate

using your Nvidia control panel right

click on your screen and start Nvidia

control panel you can also start a media

control panel from your control panel

ready windows control panel so then you

have to click yourself down to the

change your resolution or this one to

adjust desktop size and position it

doesn't matter here we can select the

frame rate you want for your monitor

higher is usually better same as change

resolution here we also can see the

different resolutions you can change it

to different frame rates remember to

select the correct screen I have two

screens and just select options you want

and your one you're done you just click

apply that's it so simply start hope you

enjoyed it

see in future videos this gymnasium

total original semi out