Firestick Purchase Failure Error Message - How to Fix in 60 Seconds or Less

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all right so here's how you fix the

Amazon fire stick purchase failure error

message as you see on my screen here

we're gonna fix that right now it

basically just means you need to set a

default address in your Amazon account

and we're gonna do that right now so I'm

gonna get rid of the fire stick screen

right here to fix this issue in your web

browser go to the address that you see

on your screen right now

the address is bi tly /f s purchase fix

so you enter that address into your

browser and then you're gonna see this

screen here that says select a payment

method so you select a payment method

and then you press the continue button

and that's going to set a payment method

as your default one click method and

that is right here as you can see on my

screen it says this is your one click

method that is what it uses to download

free apps on your fires and if you

happen to see a slightly different error

message that says something about your

country and just change your country to

United States and then it should work so

if all of this did not work then go

ahead and try these steps now so here we

have my browser and the first thing you

do is go to amazon.com you can just

click on the link in the description of

this video to take you there so you

don't have to type it in but anyway go

to amazon.com and then what you need to

do is hover over the button that says

hello and then your name and then it

says account and lists you want to hover

over that button click on your account

and that's going to take you to the your

account page or I have a link in the

description of the video once again to

quickly take you there so once you're at

your account you want to click on your

addresses your addresses so you click on

your addresses and what you want to do

now is add a new address so you click on

add address and now you just fill out

all the required address information and

then finish adding the address and once

you are done adding that address what

you want to do is go

or over the account button again and now

click your account one more time and now

scroll down until you see one click

settings so under more ways to pay you

see it says one-click settings you want

to click on that guy right there and now

once you are at the one-click settings

page just set one of your payment

methods as the default payment method

that should fix your Amazon purchase

failure issue and if it doesn't then

your issue is probably that you have an

Amazon account that's from an

unsupported country and in that case you

just want to go to amazon.com and create

an amazon.com USA account and then

relink anyway so that should take care

of your Amazon fire stick purchase

failure issue and then at that point you

will be able to download the downloader