How to Make a PDF Fillable in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: Automatically Makes it Fillable!

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hey guys how's it going it's jewel

tolentino here alright so in this video

I'm gonna show you guys how to make a

fillable form in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


alright so I'm here in Adobe Acrobat Pro

DC it sounds like a superhero character

and I've got a example of a form that

was created and is now a PDF and you

want to make it fillable so after you've

loaded it up here in Adobe Acrobat you

wanna head over to either more tools if

you don't see prepare form so I'll just

click on it just to show you guys just

in case you don't see anything like

prepare form so you click on more tools

and then you're gonna see like all this

other stuff and then click on prepare

form and then it's gonna say which one

so this is the one it's the one that I

have loaded up so I'm going to click