Help! PDF changes won't save! - How to make your PDFs editable and savable

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hello and welcome to this very quick

video on how to make sure that you can

save changes to a PDF file I did this

because somebody asked me to do it they

have a PDF file that they've been using

and when they fill it in and go to save

it it loses all the changes that they

made to it all the fill-in fields are

lost now I don't have a father I can

show you what the problem is but if

you've got the problem you know it

you've gone ahead and you filled in a

form and you've gone to save it and when

you open up again the contents are just

not there now there is a quick

workaround and that is to actually print

it so you go to file and then print and

you would print it as a PDF so you would

effectively be baking those changes into

the file but you know what you have to

remember to do that and if you just save