Basic editing with vi (vim) text editor for Unix

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hi I'm going to show you a little bit

about how to use VI or VY or VI M or vim

as you might want to call it text editor

you might want to use this as if you are

at a logging into a server or something

anyway to get there you type VI or VI m

and then the name of the file that you

want to edit I'm going to edit this file

called index.html and as soon as I type

that it opens up an editor now my mouse

is no good at this point so to move

around you simply use the arrow keys and

something to know about VI is that you

are always in some certain mode as they

call it and right now we are in what is

called normal mode I'm going to show you

how to move around to the different

modes and just do some basic editing the

only thing that stinks about VI is that

you can wind up getting the file all

goofed up and then you don't know how to