Terminal Commands Lesson 04 - Editing Text Files - echo, cat, nano, vi

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okay guys I thought I'd make a very

brief video lesson on how to create and

edit text files from the terminal now in

an earlier video we discussed the touch

command touch followed by the name of a

file so file name would create a file

called in this case file name and it

would just be an empty document it would

be an empty text document so I'm going

to go ahead and create a file so I'm

going to touch space first dot txt first

dot txt and if I do a LS command here it

will list all the files on my desktop

directory the only file is that first

dot txt file that I just created with

the touch command now let's read the

first duct txt file to see what's in it

you would do that with the cat command

cat stands for concatenate so cat space

first dot txt you dinner nothing is