How to edit a file in Linux

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hi there in this video I'm gonna show

you how you can edit a file index so in

Linux you can edit a file using

graphical editors like GED or any editor

and there come with a GUI but you can

also edit the files using command-line

as well so for that you have to use

command text editors like phim VI or

nano re makers whatever you like so I'm

gonna show you how you can use nano over

here so just open now for that list of

files so there is nothing in this so I'm

just gonna create one file so there is

one file now if an f1 dot txt and cat f1

dot txt should display some contents so

if you want to edit for this file what

you do is you open it in a no-fun vertex

to you the name of the file that you

enjoyed it and over here you can just

type whatever you want edit that file

and then to come out of that you have to