Linux Commands for Beginners 05 - Basic File Editing

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hello and welcome to video number five

in my linux commands for beginners

series and in this video we're gonna

take a look at basic file editing so

let's get started so here on my laptop

ignore the fancy prompt you can see I

have quite a interesting prompt here I

just customized that quite a bit that's

something that you can do in Linux you

can customize the bash prompt or the

shell prompt as you see here but I'm not

going to get into that I just wanted to

let you know that's custom and obviously

not typical yes I do have a unicorn here

which is awesome but that's beyond the

scope of this video to talk about how I

customized that so go ahead and ignore

that but with the commands that we've

gone over so far we know how to check

our current working directory with a PWD

command we also remember how to use the