Git Tutorial - 7 - How to Edit Files

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all right you're right you're right II

now that we can add files I'm gonna

teach you how to edit them and that is

the end of the song but hope you guys

liked it just a little freestyle I'm

working on working on my rap game a

little bit but uh anyways let's uh go

ahead and get on with the tutorial so as

I said now that we can add files let's

go ahead and learn how to edit them so

open up your a notepad editor whatever

editor you have and say our boss looked

at this and he's like you know what

Bucky this file is freaking gold but

give it a little more exists a little

more jazz that's the only thing my boss

ever tells me so I'm like okay let me

just type I am a ham and some people

call me Sam it doesn't really freaking

matter what changes you make

I'm just wanna I just want to explain to