Wikia Tutorial #1 - Basics

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hey guys it's hits um welcome to a quick

well not a quick a little series that I

start up with here tutorials um I was

going to upload a complete sketch to IO

Kai today which was about 20 minutes

long but you'll see why I didn't upload

there in a minute um I thought I'd just

say that the mouse hooking volume in

this video is intensely loud and I

apologize for that but yeah um let's

just get right into the video

mmm hey guys it's Hicks um welcome to my

first saturday upload I did record

something before this but the audio came

out pretty horribly and you couldn't

hear what I was saying half the time and

then I was like aw screw it I'll just

upload it anyway

halfway through editing um the file got

corrupted somehow so ensued I'm going to

record this if you don't know what this