How To Edit A Post On Facebook Without Deleting It (Even If It's A Boosted Post)

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hey guys William here in this video I'm

gonna show you how to edit a post on

Facebook without deleting it you can see

here this the post I have here on my

this is a business page not my first web

page if I click on the three dots I


I can't edit the Facebook post and

that's because it's being used as an ad

so if I go over to ads manager you see

this is a campaign I set up just for

this demonstration I've got the ad set

here's the ad right here you can see

that I have this post selected so I

can't edit the post because it's being

used as an ad so to be able to edit this

what I have to do is I have to change

the post I'll just select a different

post it's on my timeline continue you

see I have a new post selected you have

to publish this to make the change and