How to Edit A Facebook Live Video: 2020 Update

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how to edit a video after you've gone

live and is published to help you

increase views and get more results

so here's that's a funny screenshot

here's a video that I just published a

couple days ago now normally you would

think you would click on these three

dots and see an edit but you don't so

what you actually need to do is click on

the video start opens in a new 1:06 and

then you click on these three dots

here's where it siding over here and

then you'll see edit video you can also

download the video put it on youtube if

you want to repurpose it which I highly

recommend that you do and so let's go to

edit and here's where all the magic

happens you want to add a title for sure

think about SEO what people might be

searching these titles are Google

searchable so this can help your video