QuickBooks Tutorial / Entering Expenses in QuickBooks

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hello and welcome to another QuickBooks

tutorial with easy QuickBooks training

in this lesson we're going to learn

about paying expenses in QuickBooks we

have two options for handling our

expenses we can pay now or we can pay

later in QuickBooks pain right away

means writing a cheque entering a debit

card transaction entering a credit card

charge making an online payment or using

money from petty cash when you pay

immediately you don't have to enter a

bail paying later means that you will

enter your bill in QuickBooks and then

it will be put in the accounts payable

and you can pay it later now let's enter

a bail and we're going to do that from

this home page under the vendor Center

so let's click on enter bills in

QuickBooks brings us to the bill form

that it's really easy to use now if we