How to Edit Your Existing Website

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hey I want to show you a quick piece of

technology that's going to allow you to

edit your existing website and it

doesn't matter how technical you are so

picture this imagine being able to get

in and make changes to your website all

by yourself anytime you feel like it and

have the changes being published live to

your website the instant you want it to

so without having to rely on a webmaster

to do it for you so basically I want to

show that to you you just would go to

your website and here's an example that

I set up you just go to your website and

you click on the page that you want to

edit so I'm going to go ahead and make

some changes to this area right here and

you have this button this edit this page

button that they give you and when you

click it you can basically get in and

start editing your website so once