How to Edit EPS & SVG Files for Free

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all right so this deter I'm going to do

a very quick overview of how to bring in

an EPS file that you might have from

another program or one of those free

sites if you don't know in a Photoshop

or one of the applications to edit that

you can bring it into photo P which is

free and you can edit it in there so I'm

going to go ahead and insert one I'll

show you what you have you're gonna have

to learn more about working with photo P

but I'll kind of show you how that would

work so go to file and we're gonna open

a file

I happen to have an EPS file in here so

we're gonna go ahead and select that and

it's going to bring that in here once

you have the EPS file in here you're

going to see you have all the different

layers here if you want to learn more

about working with this app you need to