How to Edit Groups in Gmail Contacts : Internet Tech Tips

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hi I'm Sarah Lewis and today I'm going

to show you how to edit groups in gmail

contacts groups let you contact more

than one person at a time which makes it

easier to stay in touch from within

Gmail just go up here to where it says

Gmail click the little down arrow and

switch to contacts and you'll pick up

wherever you left off so I was looking

at somebody named Jackie Louis and you

can add people to an existing group if

you've already got groups set up by

going here and then clicking and

choosing the group that you want them to

be added to if you need to set up groups

you can go to new group and that will

give you the opportunity to type in a

group name which will then show up right

here to edit a group you can click on

that group you can see the people that

are in the group and then you can make