Uploading a DXF file to Corel Draw and editing to prepare for Laser Cutter

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for this demonstration I'm going to show

you how you can make your recently

created DXF file for your crane into the

drawing that you need for the laser

cutter so when you open up CorelDraw

the first thing you need to do is make a

new template the laser cut out operates

on a bad-size which is 600 wide and 450

millimeters high if you type those in

and click OK

this will open up a new sheet of paper

you see if paper is 600 by 450 the next

thing to do is to add in your imported

DXF file go and find it should be on

your document somewhere and you'll see

it will be a DXF file comes up with some

options make sure you're on metric and

the scale is one to one that will keep

it the same as the real-life drawing now

Corel has similar functions as invent up

whereby the middle mouse button will let