How to Extract Video from DVD for Editing

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how to extract video from a DVD for editing first insert your DVD into your

DVD Drive you might see a video play pop-up to start playing the DVD turn off

the video player go to the start button click the start button go to my computer

click it now look for the folders button click on the folders button look for

your DVD Drive my DVD drive is in dr e us maybe somewhere else

click on it you'll see two folders at least two folders one of them is the

audio and the other one is video double click on the video folder you'll see a

number of files click on view details now I can see the files clearly what we

want other volt files the vob files next transfer devote files to your pc let's

create a folder on my desktop you can create a photo in any part of your pc

i'll call my father and eggs for edit

because i want to use these impacts for editing later by the way what files are

impact files open up your new folder and resize it do a drag-and-drop transfer

your vob file yet to your new folder it's quite a while you get its a 1

gigabyte file here and it's going to take 65 minutes the transfer in the

meantime go have your coffee brick


the fault is being transferred to the desktop now i'm going to demonstrate to

you how to use this vob file I'm going to open up the biggest Pro it i'm using

vegas pro for video editing you may use adobe premiere or Windows Movie Maker

whatever but i'm going to show you how to transfer this video file into the