Create a DVD Through iDVD and iMovie 10.0.2 | Tutorial 36

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hello Asian gents row here and welcome

to Nolan films today we'll be continuing

our iMovie tutorials and in this

tutorial we're actually be covering how

to use your ID BD and the iMovie

basically export a project from my movie

and put it onto a DVD using the

application on Apple computers iDVD so

we're going to begin jump right in I'm

gonna go into my movie and if it loads

for me here of course but I'm going to

open it up and when you worked on

previous tutorial covering cropping

we're actually gonna let's say we're

going to export this project and we want

to put this beautiful project onto a DVD

so what I'm going to do is first off

well I'm gonna click on plus imma go

back to my iMovie tutorials events

iMovie tutorials project and to open

this up and clicking on my project I'm