How to edit a DVD disc in Adobe Premiere Pro

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hello and welcome to video revealed I'm

Colin Smith and this is your place for

professional video production techniques

the subject of this reveal how to edit a

DVD disc in Adobe Premiere Pro

well it happens to all editors you're

known to be an editor and someone will

ask you can you edit my video and you

say sure and you give me the files and

then they hand you one of these things

and you go ah really this is it what I

have to edit and your first thought

might be you're out of luck you can't

edit a DVD actually you are in luck

because Premiere Pro can accept the

native files right off of a DVD now

although you can edit with this disc in

your computer and you're editing the

files on the DVD you don't want to do

that you need to move the files from the

disk onto your computer and on windows