Drupal 8 Basics #6 - Editing Our Content

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hey what's up this is Scott with

love-love tutorials in this video we're

going to talk about editing your content

in Drupal and this is how editing has

really come a long way from Drupal 7 to

Drupal 8 there's a lot of new features

and a lot of cool stuff so let's get

started now that we have our pages here

you might be wondering how we can go

about modifying these after they've been

posted well you'll notice on any given

page you're on as long as we're logged

in let's go essentially to our post here

you'll notice on the home page we don't

necessarily have these edit options you

see edit up here but this isn't the edit

that we're looking for what we want is

to click this my first post and now we

have the option to click Edit from here

it takes you to the admin section where

you can edit your post however let's hit