Drop-down lists in Word: Insert, modify, use a format to style contents

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you are probably familiar with drop-down

lists from the web but you can also

insert the modify drop-down list in

Microsoft Word as you can see here a

list is essentially a drop-down list is

essentially a way to ristic and control

user input to a number of predefined

options that you defined it is a great

way to create a customer to conduct the

survey or in any other setting the

delight control and filter user input

now let's see how I can create format

and modify a drop-down place the mug the

world as you can see here you've already

created a drop-down list I want to

conduct a survey to ask users which

office after they use the most and give

them the ability to change to choose

from a drop-down list which office table

they use the list and how often they use

hafiz now let's see here how you can