How to Edit a Drop-Down List in Excel

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Welcome to EasyClick Academy!

My name’s Mária and in the previous tutorial,

we went through a simple guide on how to create a drop-down list in Excel.

In this video, we’ll go a bit further

and you’ll learn how to edit the drop-down menu and change options offered on the list.

Actually, it’s very simple!

Here, I’ll use two different examples to show how editing a drop-down menu works,

so you’ll know two ways how to do it.

The first one will be the longer list.

I’ll show the shorter one later on, and I’ll use the lists we created together in the previous tutorial.

So, here’s the longer one – the months of the year.

Let’s say we want to make changes to the first question and we want to use, for example,

‘Which is your favourite summer month?’ instead.

Our items now include months that are irrelevant

the list of three summer months will do for this question.

What we need to do is edit the list according to this.

Click on the cell that contains the drop-down list you want to edit – it’s the cell with the list of months.

Next, click on ‘Data’ tab. In the section ‘Data Tools’, go to ‘Data Validation’.

In the pop-up window that appeared, go to the tab ‘Settings’ and click into the box ‘Source’.

Excel will take you to the location of the source cells for this drop-down list.

If we want to edit the drop-down menu, we need to remove the information in the ‘Source’ box.