Beginner Dreamweaver Lesson CS6 - Editing an Existing Site

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today I'm going to do a little beginner

Dreamweaver tutorial here so all you

know it all is in Dreamweaver world this

is this all very much a beginner for

someone who's never used Dreamweaver

before and I'm using a website they've

done for my sister-in-law and

brother-in-law called Eagle bass club as

a sort of a tutorials jumping-off point

here so I'm gonna first of all start

Dreamweaver and I'm using cs6 most of

almost everything I show here will work

for cs5 as well so I'll open up

Dreamweaver cs6 okay you know probably

before I even show you how to do

anything with Dreamweaver I'm going to

minimize for a minute let's say I've

never worked on this website before and

let's just do this let's go to our My

Documents or on your Mac wherever you're

gonna keep a folder and let's make an