Cleaning Up Your Pencil Drawings in Photoshop

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hey guys I'm just going to be answering

a really really commonly asked question

that I get and it's basically the

premise is ok I already know how to draw

I'm happy with my sketches and all my

traditional stuff but I know I don't

know anything about digital I just want

to get my gonna get a photograph or a

scan of my drawing onto the computer

I'll do a little bit of touch-up in

Photoshop and then I can you know put up

on the web or whatever how do I do that

that's the best best apprentice cool so

I think a lot of people of you guys will

know when you scan when you photograph

your work it can come out either the

colors are a little weird or it's too

lights would you feigned you get all

this kind of like this is this is what

we referred to as art effects