11 MS Outlook 2016 Using Mail Working with Drafts and Message Options

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now all the time that I'm working on

this email it is creating a draft

saving it for me automatically so if I

do leave my desk or something else comes

along and I can't finish this email I

know that it will be safe but there

anytime you can also save as a draft so

if you're concerned that it's not doing

the automatic on saving just above the

file tab for the backstage view just

above there you'll see the Save icon I

could also go into file and then save or

save as and that will then create a

draft message once I send a draft

message they disappear from the drafts

folder unless you choose to save them

and keep them in there or in an

alternative folder now let's have a look

at some of the other options that we can

set some of the settings here for my new

email message I'm going to go back onto