How to Create a Doodle Poll for an Event

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this video will teach you how to easily

create a doodle poll that will allow you

to figure out which dates and times work

for a group of people who want to get

together without having to send a bunch

of emails back and forth the first thing

you should do is go to doodle comm and

sign up for a free account or log in to

your existing account you can use Google

or Facebook to sign in if you wish once

you're signed in scroll down to the

create new poll section and click on

schedule and event enter a title for

your event and click continue on the

next page choose some dates that you

would like for people to consider for

your event when you click on a date that

date will turn orange you don't have to

enter times if you don't want to when

you're done picking dates click continue

on the next page either enter your name