DocuSign Tip - How to Make Edits to a Previously Signed Form

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hey guys this is Lea with Scotland

marketing and in today's video I'm going

to show you how you can edit a

previously signed document in DocuSign

okay so on this side tip we will assume

that your document has already been

signed so I am in my DocuSign room and

if you're not familiar on how to get to

DocuSign that is real estate DocuSign

comm so the first part of my URL here at

the top so again that's real estate

DocuSign comm and once you're in your

DocuSign room here so it shows right

here that I have this document already

signed so you'll see this nice little

icon confirming this one weapon has been

signed and to the right of it I see my

original document okay so this is the

original form that I pulled in my

DocuSign room if I open that up it does

not have any signatures but it is the