Documentary Filmmaking: Process of a Pro Editor

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So I'm on my way to visit one of the editors of the documentary "The Square"

It's an Oscar-nominated film about the Egyptian revolution at Tahrir Square and the ongoing crisis.

I Wanted to find out what it takes to edit a documentary that leaves a mark.

So I was excited to meet Mohamed el Manasterly and look over his shoulder.

"The Square" which is available on Netflix has won three Emmys, one of them for editing.

"We want to dedicate this award to our assistant editor.

She's Egyptian. Her name is Sanaa and she's now in jail because she stood up for freedom."

After I go with you through how things are organized now,

like my process and how it leads to something like this now.

How it's organized and how I watch and mark it. You want me to take you through this? Sven: Yeah, let's do it.

Basically, we came down to the streets to ask for our rights, you know?

After 30 years of Mubarak. His regime was very oppressive.

What was different about it is that it was the youth who came out to the street. Sven: How did he get involved?

When did you hear about it? Micho: So I actually met Jen during the revolution. It was crazy times.

Everyone was protesting, everyone was in the square.

She was very generous and she took me on board. Since then we started a journey of like three and a half years and

and it ended up with this amazing

beast of a film.

So the first thing we do is we get all the footage. We make sure we rename everything to a