How to edit pdf files online

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here - thanks for joining me today today

today tutorial would be a quick tutorial

on how to edit PDF file without download

any new software or binding a software

expensive software ok so what you want

to do you want to go to your internet

browser you want to type in PDF on

xscape ok this is the first one here so

PDF xscape calm ok and um this page will

pop pops up basically ok and you can

register to use it or you can um use it

basically without registering so you

want to go to edit your PDF file now

I'll click on that and then after that

pops up um sorry my system is just a bit

slow um you want to go and basically

upload your software your not your

software but um your documents so um I

do have my documents on my desktop

already so I'll go to upload PDF files

to PDF xkey ok you can also load it from