Open and Edit a PDF in Word 2016

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in this lesson we will learn how to open

a PDF in Word and make changes to a PDF

document here I have a PDF document that

I would like to preview before making

changes to it hill coastal properties

formatted PDF I'll go ahead and double

click to open this document and you can

see it is a true PDF there are multiple

pages on the Left 5 in total and I have

to actually make some changes to the

content now I don't necessarily know how

to use Acrobat and at times it might be

faster for me to make the changes within

word I'm gonna go ahead and close out of

this PDF version of the file and I'm

gonna open up Microsoft Word I have a

shortcut to open up word so I'll just

double click my shortcut and then when I

open up word it asks me if I want to

open another document or one of the

recent ones I'm gonna go directly to the