Editing PDFs in Preview (on a Mac)

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hi folks today I'm annotating and

editing PDF files with the help of a

mikvah Macworld article by Christopher

Breen from August 1st 2013 so some of

the things I've already learned from

this article or how to and merge two

PDFs and how I did that was I opened my

finder and opened the got a thumbnail of

the second PDF I wanted to add and I

clicked on it and just dragged it over

to right where I wanted to add it but

I've already done this so I'm not going

to do it now so what I did let's say I

want to be on page 7 I am so I included

the second PDF right after page 2 and

what these PDFs are their emails

instruction by Kirk Weiler he's created

some great online materials for algebra

and we use this in my classroom so I'm

teaching two lessons so I wanted to put

the notes for the second lesson right