Tips & Tricks: PDF in iBooks

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hello everyone and welcome to another

tips and tricks videos from switch my

name is Kent and in this particular

video I'm going to share with you a very

very cool trick that you can use in your

Safari web browser called reader mode as

well as a very cool trick to actually

save the content into a PDF for future

viewing it's very useful if you love

reading articles online like I do you

would definitely use this feature so

enough saying let's get started alright

so in my hands it's an iPhone 6 plus and

what I'm going to show you works on any

iOS device it's actually a very cool

feature saving PDF to iBooks as well as

reading mode so here's what I'm going to

do I'm going to go to my Safari web

browser prior to this video actually

went to this website to get a nice and

cool article so this is an ARS technica