How to edit a shared document in Google Drive

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hi Maggie hi Ari hi everybody else's in

Germans good to see you

alright so we've got our course outline

for the first course the Zingerman's

experience the 12 natural laws of

business and I want to provide you all

the capability to edit the outline as as

you're reviewing it or looking at stuff

and so I've created a copy so I have a

backup copy that's the first thing for

you to know there's a backup copy here

and if you know some mistake happens

we're not going to lose everything

that's the first thing to know second

thing to know is I'm going to share this

document so I'm going to right-click it

and share it and in here I'm going to go

to advanced and then in the advanced

area I'm gonna choose to add in Maggie

and I'm gonna add in re that's not how

you spell Ares name there's re and they