How to edit a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (2020)

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hello everybody my name is Dean Lamont I

am the founder of in 30 minutes guides

today I going to show you a quick way to

make edits to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat

Pro DC and here's how it works

I have a PDF and it has a problem so

this by the way is the same in a Mac or

Windows the Adobe applications for

viewing and editing PDFs work basically

the same way so here is the PDF and I'm

going to open it up in Adobe Reader

which practically every computer user

has on their computer so this is a cheat

sheet that my company produces and in

this little green square here they're

supposed to be a number but you can see

on some pages there is a number two

three but on other pages the first page

there's an X and I want to change that

in Adobe Reader you can't do it

I can highlight it and I can try to type