How To Use Our Free Doctor's Note

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hey guys Troy Brown here with you today

from class mastery calm today we're

going to go over how to use our free

doctor's note we're gonna go over

editing it removing this watermark

that's here in the background and

printing it and just some some tips so

first step is to go to class mastery

comm and enter your email address into

the box on the right that will take you

to a page that will allow you to

download this note open it in Microsoft

Word or some similar editor as you can

see I have it open here in Word 2010

first we're gonna show you how to change

the title click here and I'm gonna call

it whatever version care course we want

to do that with all caps won't we

whatever that won't work let's just say

whatever care clinic there we go and

ignore I'm gonna leave the doctors names