How to Edit Documents in Microsoft Word 2019

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hello again this is Deb and welcome back

to word 2019 in this module we're going

to take a look at how you can navigate

around your document now I have open on

the screen the navigate dot docx

documents and this is just a document

that's been created about Smith

properties now the first thing I want

you to do is I want to cast your eyes

down to the bottom left hand of the

screen where you can see here it has

section 1 page 1 of 3 845 words so we're

getting a little bit of information

about this document from our status bar

I can see it has three pages and I can

see the number of words and I can see

that currently I'm clicked in section

one now we're going to talk about how

you section up documents a little bit

later on so don't worry about that too

much at the moment what I want to focus