How to Edit Dll files | RECODE (.dll) File Using JustDecompile | Encoding, Decoding

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what's up YouTube welcome to a video in

this video we will learn how we can

decode a dll file so first we're gonna

decode the dll file then after seeing

the code and editing the code we will

gonna put it back into the DLL form so

the first step is to download a free

software named as just decompile so go

to this go to this link the link would

be in the description download the

software so after the download is

finished close the browser and start

stalling the just decompile


so you have to just check the just

decompile here and there are others of

fears from the telluric brand click Next

uncheck the setup telluric and you get

package then check this yes I accept

next then put whatever email over here

and whatever the name and click install