HTML div tag Example and Tutorial using CSS

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in this video I'll be demonstrating how

to use the div tag the basics of the div

tag along with some CSS examples will be

shown the div tag can be used to divide

an HTML document into sections these

sections then can be positioned and

styled using CSS we'll start by going to

little web Hut comm where we can test

out some sample code so we'll start out

here in the browser and we'll type WWE

little web Hut comm and then we'll click

on the HTML menu and then we'll go down

and click on the link for the div tag

this page has information about the div

tag along with some example code the

first thing to look at is the syntax for

the div tag you'll notice that the div

element starts with an opening div tag

and a closing div tag and then all of

the content is placed between the

opening and closing tags here we can see