How to run payroll & set up direct deposit in QuickBooks Online

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this is Annie from QuickBooks let's go

over how to run a payroll we'll also

show you how to change an employee from

paper check to direct deposit if you

need help with adding employees or

setting up your payroll taxes you can

check out the links to videos on these

topics at the end of this video you can

run your payroll from a few different

places you can select new and payroll or

select payroll and overview you might

see a reminder here to run payroll or

you can select run payroll over here

select the account and cookbooks that

you pay your payroll from note that

changing this does not change the actual

bank account the money is coming from it

just changes the account that QuickBooks

uses to keep track of this transaction

then confirm that both the pay period

and the pay date are correct if they