How to Create Paychecks with QuickBooks Desktop

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let's go over how to create paychecks

for your employees using QuickBooks

desktop payroll these steps will be

relevant as long as you have basic

enhanced or assisted payroll and these

steps work for creating and printing

paychecks or for using into its direct

deposit service let's get started first

select employees in the top menu bar and

then select pay employees in the

drop-down if you have already set up a

scheduled payroll you can select that

here this is useful because once you set

it up QuickBooks will remember the

details and you don't have to fill them

in each time but we're running an

unscheduled payroll so we'll need to

select them the process steps are pretty

much the same for both now we're in the

enter payroll information screen from

here you will select the dates of the