Create a Digital Signature in Adobe Photoshop: Colour Range Tool & Minimum Tool

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hey guys so recently I received an email

from a subscriber asking how can I

create a signature that's been written

on paper and make it digital so I

thought I'd create this quick tutorial

to help my subscriber and share it with

you in this video I'm going to

demonstrate how you can create your

digital signature in Adobe Photoshop

with a transparent background along the

way we will be using the color range

tool and the minimize tool in Photoshop

now first of all you're going to need to

get your signature written on paper

ideally you want to get the signature

written with a pen with a relatively

large tip something like this this will

enable you to get the nice scan or photo

and help achieve a more clear result in

Photoshop though if you have to work

with the signature that was written