QuickBooks Tip: How to Edit and Correct a Payment that is already Deposited

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hi this is Michelle long and I'm a CPA

an advanced certified QuickBooks


I'm the owner of long for success and

I'm glad you're joining me today for

this QuickBooks tip in this is a quick

video I'm going to show you how to edit

a payment that's already been deposited

what happens is let's say you've

received a payment and you realize you

posted it to the wrong customer account

so you need to make a change so you go

in and you click on receive payments and

I'm going to go previous up here and so

let's say that I have this on another

test customer but I really meant to post

it to a test so I need to change who

it's to but what happens is when I'm

going to click Save and close it says

I've already deposited it so I can't

make that change so how do I fix this