How to Edit Underexposed Photos in Lightroom Tutorial

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hey everyone I'm back today with a new

Lightroom tutorial and today we are

going to be editing this photo and I'm

going to be showing you what you can do

in Lightroom to bring back the detail of

a photo so as you can see this image was

shot pretty underexposed and the reason

for that is because we were shooting

just after sunset the Sun had set behind

these mountains here and as I was taking

these photos I wanted to make sure that

I was able to save as much of every

aspect of the image as I possibly could

so in case that doesn't make sense I

wanted to make sure that I shot

underexposed enough that I could keep

the details and the light in the sky so

it wasn't just like white and blown out

and I also wanted to make sure that I

exposed high enough to make sure that I

could still save the details of our